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Strategy, tactics, teardowns, brainstorms.

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      Helped developer-focused companies like:

      Dave Barton,
      Head of Content, Apify

      "Even if you think you don't need to, you'll gain new perspectives and he'll share surprising solutions that will have an immediate impact."

      Dave Barton, Head of Content

      Dave Barton, Head of Content, Apify

      "At first, I wasn't sure of the value of consulting with Jakub. We've been steadily growing and our schedule is already packed. But I quickly realized I was wrong. Jakub immediately got to the heart of our concerns, especially the unique challenges of crafting a marketing and content strategy for a developer audience.

      Far from just being a sounding board, Jakub brought a depth of experience and a fresh perspective. He listened to us and made a visible effort to understand our company. Then he continually questioned our existing approach, encouraging us to explore new ideas. Engaging with someone outside our organization, who understood our challenges so precisely, gave us a surprising amount of freedom to think differently.

      His approach is thorough. He consistently engaged with us outside the sessions to discuss our workflow and suggest improvements. He also made sure to follow up with notes after each session.

      By the end of our sessions, we were left with one "problem": sorting through a stack of new ideas. That's a problem we're happy to have. I wholeheartedly recommend talking to Jakub. Even if you think you don't need to, you'll gain new perspectives and he'll share surprising solutions that will have an immediate impact."

      Get actionable insights you will actually use

      Gilad Kleinman
      Co-Founder & CEO, Epsio

      "We saw some major improvements regarding the sign ups for our product.

      It was probably one of the most insightful conversations I had in the past few months.

      Not many people, as Jakub does, have both a broad understanding of the field and the ability to delve deeply into the specifics of what we do and need".

      Alex Harris
      Founder, Adadot

      "He is thorough, methodical and knows the space like the back of his hand.

      If you are looking for true developer marketing insights instead of the generic advice almost everyone else seems to be offering, he is your person!"

      Anna Szemiot
      Marketing Specialist,

      "Straight away, Jakub just 'got' what our product was about.

      Gave me a ton of actionable insights and strategies I can actually use. Nailed it!

      Seriously, don't think twice about reaching out to him."

      Arjun Iyer
      Co-founder & CEO, Signadot

      "Kuba understands the essence of developer marketing and is able to distill ideas and concepts so it’s customized to a specific business/product.

      His advice has been very helpful in guiding our marketing efforts."

      Elizabeth Woolf
      Communication coach for engineers, Woolf Communication

      "Kuba is a wealth of knowledge - both in strategy and tactics. In less than 60 minutes he changed my business strategy for the better.

      Implementing his strategies created four customer leads in 10 minutes VS one lead every 3-5 days. He is a fantastic advisor."

      Emily Halleran
      Developer Relations Engineer, Clovyr

      "The strategy session we had with Kuba was incredibly insightful and useful for us.

      He provided many solutions and suggestions that were curated to exactly what we are trying to achieve.

      The wealth of knowledge and expertise he possesses is extensive and not easy to come by in this space. "

      Jeff Richmann
      Consultant, Estuary

      "Jakub has been instrumental in helping us learn to communicate with OUR technical buyers.

      Succinct and specific advice based on his own empirical observations!"

      Khushi Lunkad
      Growth Marketing, Toption

      "This was the most no-nonsense, information-rich session I’ve ever had.

      Kuba knows his stuff and shares it through a firehose!”

      Maria Hayat
      Marketing Manager, Apyhub

      "A strategy session with Jakub helped me understand where we were on track, where we needed to think and adjust, along with brand new insights and a way of looking at things.

      Highly recommended."

      Mumshad Mannambeth
      Founder & CEO, KodeKloud

      "The strategy session was awesome.

      I found you to be very knowledgeable in how marketing to developers works.

      Also, a lot of great information was provided in the links after the session."

      Roman Kałkowski
      Head of Marketing, Unleash

      "One session with Jakub revealed quick growth opportunities in our market and provided an awesome cheat sheet for further strategy development.”

      Sohrab Hosseini
      Co-founder , Orquesta

      "Jakub really took the time to help. He pushed our thinking, challenged our assumptions, and followed up with great resources to apply the improvements in practice"

      Who am I?

      I am Jakub (Kuba) Czakon, a CMO of a dev tool startup called and a dev tool startup advisor. 

      I grew an acquisition engine from 0 to 3M yearly visitors, 30k+ product users, and hundreds of paying customers.

      I can help you build strategy, find good channels, improve developer experience and conversion, or optimize content ROI.

      Before getting into dev marketing, I was a data scientist, stock trader, pro chess player, and theoretical physicist.

      Through all that, I learned to dissect how things work, get to the core problems, and find pragmatic solutions quickly.

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