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As a hands-on devtool startup marketer I share actionable tips that come from my own experience.

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Developer Markepear Kuba

Hey, I'm Kuba

Developer Markepear Kuba

I am a CMO of a dev tool startup called
Grew (with) it all the way from 0 to Series A.

Developer marketing is my jam. Here, I said it.
I want to make dev marketing awesome (for the first time).

Let's connect on Twitter, Linkedin, or Slack.

What is this marke "pear"?

Ok, developer advocates are avocados.
Dev marketers are similar but completely different.

And we deserve the same amount of respect and fruit references!

How about pears, developer markepears?

If you are with me, from today, proudly wear the pear emoji 🍐!

Developer Avocadocs vs Developer Markepears