Hi and welcome to Developer Markepear, a place where I share anything and everything I know about marketing developer tools.

I talk about strategies, frameworks, tips, tricks, examples, and learnings that are actionable, backed by data, tried in real-life, or at the least somewhat interesting.

You'll find a lot of things that I wish I could read when I had to learn marketing to developers.

Ok, but who am I?

I am Kuba. I run marketing at a machine learning tooling startup called Neptune.ai.

The thing is, before neptune I didn't know much about marketing.
I was a data scientist, I developed machine learning models for a living.
I was a dev. I had dev friends, dev laptop, dev coffee mug, and dev approach to life.

Then some of my dev friends created this cool product, one thing let to another and I became a co-founder of a dev tool startup.

And at a startup, you sometimes get into things you don't expect.
For me, it was marketing developer products.
I had to learn it from scratch, understand what works and what doesn't, how to adjust "normal" marketing concepts to the developer audience, how to think about marketing strategically, how to make it work.

Obviously, I'm still learning, but the things that I found helpful are here on Developer Markepear.

Ok, then how should you use Developer Markepear?

If there is a particular concept you are looking for, just use search :)
Every article is self-contained and should answer your question and link to deeper resources and higher-level context.

I wrote a lot of dev docs over the years and came to love the concept of "Every page is page one" which means it doesn't matter where you start your journey, the reading experience should be great.

But there are some places in here that I want you to know about.

Swipe file

This is a place with quick snippets of awesome developer marketing that I found online.

You should be able to almost copy-paste them.

Look through the swipe files and if you find something interesting hover over it or tap to see what I liked about it.


If you want to know how-to do X, want to get a framework for something or are you are looking for an ultimate guide then this is where you find them.

Those are high-level approaches, principles to doing things.
They have a long-lasting impact on your business but it will take time to see the first value.
They make things clean and understandable.


Sometimes you just want to see how good dev tool companies actually do marketing.
See what people do in real-life rather than talk about on their blogs.
So I go through everything I can find about the marketing at top developer-focused companies and document it in Real-life Examples.


As I am learning about developer marketing concepts and trying them out at work I need to get deep(ish) into things.
I write "What I have learned so far about X" in Learnings.
Those are opinionated guides that document my current state of the world about things like branding, positioning, partnerships marketing etc.

What is up with this marke "pear"?

Ok, developer advocates are avocados.Developer marketers are somewhat similar but different.

But we deserve the same amount of respect and fruit references!

How about pears, developer markepears :)

No but srsly, it is such an interesting and important profession today that I think we would all benefit if it was even half as funky and cool as developer advocacy.

I will proudly wear the "pear" badge wherever I go and call myself a developer markepear. Join me in this quest!

Always complete but never finished

And one more thing.
Developer Markepear is "always complete but never finished" (a concept from dev documentation).

You will find it useful at any given moment but I will continue adding, improving, adjusting, updating all the things to make it better every week.

With that comes a big ask. If you see anything that you would like to add or change in the posts that you found. Or you would like to see me write a post about something that is not here. Just let me know:

Ok, so what should you do now?

Just go and read the Developer Marketing Guide and get started!

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