Developer Content Marketing

What is developer content marketing?

Developer content marketing is reaching to the developer audience through content, typically written content. There are great examples of dev tool companies building their entire marketing via technical tutorials on their blogs. That said, I like to think of content marketing wider as creating content for devs wherever they are, Twitter, Youtube or Podcast.

How do you write content for developers?

When writing content for developers make sure to follow these principles:

  • understand the developer you are writing for, what is their context
  • answer the reader's intent, no clickbait
  • write deeply technical content,
  • show the code
  • go for dev-to-dev, conversational tone of voice
  • don't pitch your product unless it explicitly solves their problem
  • (bonus) go into how things work, not only how to do something

Check out the articles and examples below.




Article header from Teleport

There are a few developer experience gems here:

  • RSS feed: many devs love rss, let them consume your blog that way
  • Search: some devs will immediately know this article is not for them. Let them search and stay.
  • Clear branding: Some devs will read the article and leave. Make sure they at least remember your brand.

Also, their design is super clean, non-invasive, and simple which makes for easy content consumption and more developer love.


Developer-focused blog slide-in CTA from Snyk

An interesting option to push people to read the next article.

You use a slide-in triggered on a 75% scroll with a "read next" CTA in the bottom left.

On the aggressive side for sure but when the article you propose is clearly technical it could work.

And if your articles are not connected to the product explicitly you do need some ways to keep people reading and see more of your brand.


Developer-focused blog CTA from Snyk

Pushing cold blog readers to try your tool rarely works.

So you need a transitional CTA, something that worms them up.
But it needs to be aligned with the goals of the reader.
And I think pushing folks to a community discord is a solid option.

I like the copy "Discuss this blog on Discord" as it is very reader-focused.
Some folks read the article and have more questions.
They want to discuss it somewhere.

And while you could just do a comments section, a community gives you more options to get people closer to the product.