#6: Devs Talk Marketing, Podcasts, Before-After-Design, Dark Matter Devs.

Hey, how was your month?

Mine looked like this:

Here are my insights this month.

10 developer marketing insights

1. How devs see marketing

That Hacker News post I told you about got 170+ comments.
A lot of those are from devs. It's a real piece of dev audience research.

A gold mine for dev marketers imho.
Learned a ton from those comments.
I am writing an article about it.
Read comments

2. Excalidraw - diagrams for dev audience

This format just feels super devy.
Hand-draw and has this special feel ;)
If you are looking for a tool for diagraming for your devrels this could be the one.  


3. Dark matter devs

Interesting thoughts from @swyx about a segment of dev audience.
Devs who are not on Twitter, don't go to conferences, don't rant on Reddit.
But they are downloading, using, and buying software.

He calls them "dark matter devs".
And this could be 70%+ of all the devs you want to reach.

How do you market to them?
Very much an open question and I am thinking about this one a lot.
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4. Two podcast with marketing folks from dbt labs

VP marketing talking about community building (they build 25k+ slack)
VP product marketing on transitioning from non-dev to dev-focused company.

5. DevRel Con deep dives

Two I really liked.

Developer marketing in practice:

  • talking down on marketing made me angry
  • devrel is not marketing -> and then explains a lot of things that devrel does that are just good marketing
  • finish up with devs don't hate marketing -> they hate bad marketing. YES, thank you!

Can product led growth and good developer experience co-exist?:

  • Sam Richard just gets dev marketing imho (and obviously product-led gtm)
  • "community is product" concept
  • "community-led" vs has community distinction

6. Ahoy connect before/after design

I really like this with/without visualization for tools that are supposed to organize your workflow.
See their homepage

7. Decibel has some crazy good developer marketing content

Decibel is a VC fund that invests in open-source and dev-focused startups.
They have some solid dev marketing content.
Two articles I liked:

8. Podcast with Auth0 VP marketing

This is the episode where I learned about  the "Make login our problem. Not yours" campaign.
Listen on Spotify

9. GitHub Skyline

This one won the best developer marketing campaign on DevRel 2022 awards by Orbit.See the project

Developer Markepear testimonials

10. Best dev marketing campaigns

Speaking of best devmar campaigns.Last week I put together a list of my favorite campaigns from 2022. Check out the list

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A dessert from poached pears and a chocolate sauce. Yum.